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No.E is the definition of an independent artist and this is the official website to support his artistry. The site houses his music, merchandise and booking exclusively. Join him as one of the first rappers with a digital music store online library! This includes new songs, unreleased and even exclusive drops!

Buying A Song Makes You Apart Of The “No E Nation” Membership Club were we plan on rolling out membership “Merch boxes” to the first 1,000 buyers. 

Why Support An Independent Artist

No.E has spent 10+ years making quality music, and receiving thousands of streams but only making a small amount of income annually off of it. 

Rosco has embraced the idea of selling his music directly to his fans, and empowering the new form of digital music distribution. His goal is to gain 1,000 SUPPORT SUPPORTERS to join the “NO E NATION” membership clip which offers exclusive music, merch, meet ups and more!

About Us

Rosco No.E

Miles Till Infinity #Miles2Go

Rapper, Author & Entertainer who makes story telling, motivation and educational raps.